• Conference-room
  • Double-room
  • Fireplace-lounge
  • Hotel-Aleksandar
  • Piano & lobby bar
  • Restaurant
  • SPA-&-Wellness
  • Conference room
  • Double room
  • Fireplace lounge
  • Hotel Aleksandar
  • Piano lobby bar
  • Restaurant
  • SPA & Wellness

About us

Hotel Aleksandar – Hotelier’s welcome Welcome to the place where differences meet – Serbia and France, traditional and modern lifestyle, health care and hedonism. Welcome to hotel Aleksandar in Vrnjacka banja! Hotel Aleksandar is located in the centre of Vrnjacka banja, surrounded by nature on one side, and a row of charming villas, popularly called “the Montmartre of Vrnjci”. You will enjoy your morning the most – choose a room overlooking the pool or the traditional mouldings and windows of villas built in the beginning of the 20th century. Elements of the Parisian architecture will take your breath away and move you to a new dimension, while the rich history of the hotel and of Vrnjacka banja itself will greet you from photographs and you will find it in every fibre of the furniture. Hotel Aleksandar is not a classic hotel – it is a villa that healed, recuperated and welcomed many friends, colleagues and guests during their 100 years of existence. You can read more about the hotel’s rich history in our journal, and we will also get you acquainted with the hotel’s services. Peace and tranquillity engulf every nook of the hotel, and you will find refuge and rest from the urban life in a room, in our restaurant, in the garden or by the pool. Friendly staff will put a smile on your face – guests are the most important part and we try to indulge them any way we can. Whether you are looking from something unique or traditional, hotel Aleksandar and our concept will entirely suit you.