Hotel Through Time

Hotel Aleksandar has a hundred year old history that inspires works of art. Built in 1929, this building had ingraved in its foundation the ability to make Vrnjacka banja famous and a landmark. The most prominent owner of hotel Aleksandar was Dragutin Zivadinovic, a doctor from a renowned Belgrade family. After years of wandering the world as a doctor without borders he decided to settle down in Vrnjacka banja, knowing that his healing powers will come particularly handy here. He bought a villa called „Todorovic“, that was used a sanatorium. Along with his wife, he went on to discover all that this spa has to offer in terms of healing, and he even wrote essays about the healing powers of spa water. The massive neoclassical design of the villa completely suited the idea of rebirth and regrowth under the wing of medical professionals in the sanatorium. The intimate and comfortable rooms were pleasant for the patients, so they didn’t even consider themselves patients as much as guests. Soon, villa Zivadinovic became a popular place for the great names of Serbian politics, science and art to spend time in peace and quiet and get rest and inspiration for further escapades. The villa counts families of Vladislav Ribnikar, Veselin Maslesa, Kosta Timotijevic, Koca Popovic, Dragisa Cvetkovic, Milan Nedic as guests. Also, German poet who spent his exile in Serbia, Louis Fürnberg, was a frequent visitor, as well as Serbian Nobel Prize Winner, Ivo Andric. During the 60s, writer Dobrica Cosic drew his inspiration from the villa and Vrnjacka banja, so he wrote the novel „Far Away is the Sun“, a masterpiece of Serbian modern literature. After WW2, the villa was put to care of the State and sold and resold many times, until it’s found its way back to the Todorovic family, who marveled at the chance to restore the villa’s old fame and splendour. For the above reasons, hotel Aleksandar carefully keeps the memory of the villa that changed the course of history for Vrnjacka banja – it has been reconstructed entirely with cooperation from the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. Visit our hotel and bask in the history while enjoying our modern services.