Restaurants & Salons

The eclectic mix of differences can be best seen in our restaurants and salons. Guests will find poetic nooks and modern moments, home-made meals and international specialities, tales of the past and conversations about the future.

You can spend your free time in one of our restaurants or salons. A la Carte Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel and it features a winter garden with comfortable seating furniture. The restaurant offers exclusive specialties of Serbian cuisine. No other place in Vrnjacka Banja will make you feel quite as amazing while tasting kajmak, prosciutto, sauerkraut, roasted paprika, cabbage roll cooked in a clay pot, roasted lamb, pindjur, pumpkin pie, pita crostata, Viennese apple pie…it will be a perfect lunch or dinner after long walks along the promenade.

Guests may enjoy wines of famous local and world brands, and the pleasant atmosphere will satisfy true hedonists. Restaurants and salons give off a nice warm and intimate vibe and they are an ideal place for your celebration or event.

A La Carte Restaurant

We offer Serbian and Italian cuisine with rich flavours made of fresh ingredients grown on the planes and fields of Vrnjacka Banja, bought from local manufacturers. Organic food lovers will never be hungry with our selection of home-made buckwheat bread, fresh eggs or home-made jam.

Café – pastry shop “Giardino”

The pastry shop has an amazing view of the garden and a patio. It offers the most delicate cakes and pies made with Viennese and Italian recipes, guaranteed to satisfy all your senses. It is an ideal place to rest and enjoy after a day by the pool.

Fireplace salon

In this salon, by the fireplace, surrounded by 20th century furniture, you can hear the clocks of time rewind. In the winter time you will fell the magic of the crackling fire in the fireplace, relaxing with wine or tea and talking to friends.

Piano & lobby bar

While waiting to get checked in the hotel, enjoy the relaxing notes of world hits from the piano and have a drink to start off your Vrnjacka Banja adventure.

TV salon

In your leisure time, between romantic walks, perusing the history of Vrnjci or spa services, you can sit back with a coffee and cakes and watch your favourite TV show or movie in the TV salon. We offer a great deal of local and international TV channels.

Summer garden

Our summer garden is a flawlessly decorated green oasis with flowers, and it is a favourite place of our guests and people from Vrnjacka Banja. Cakes, coffee, tea, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will sit best with this place. This unreal and unique ambiance of a summer garden will make any festivity stay in pleasant memories.